TomTom repair services

Do you have a broken display in your TomTom? Or is your TomTom not charging anymore? Spark Electronics offers repair services for almost all TomTom, Garmin and Navigon products for many years now.

  • Competitive rates, value for money
  • Mostly direct repair
  • High quality: 12 month warranty on replaced parts
  • Stay at home: pickup service in EU


TomTom repair services

For TomTom repair services you arrived at your destination. Spark Electronics offers repair services for TomTom products since 2005 so we have many years of experience in solving common problems. We even offer repair services not possible somewhere else, we give a warranty of up to 12 months on repairs and our repairs are really value for money. Check out now our service!

Broken display or display not working?

Your TomTom came down from the windscreen, you dropped it, or it is stucked in the glovebox. It can happen to all of us. Your screen is broken easily, but don't be sad! We fix broken screens for almost all car navigation models for the best price and always with a warranty of 12 months. Also if your touchscreen is not working correctly or the glass of the touchscreen is broken a display/touchscreen replacement brings new life to your device.

TomTom not charging anymore?

Having problems charging your TomTom? Or doesn't work the USB or power connection as it should be? For many TomTom and other car navigation models the mini-USB or micro-USB is giving problems after some time. In most cases the connector needs to be replaced, we offer this repair service for almost all models. In case you smell something smoldering or burning the power circuit needs to be repaired, for many models we offer this repair service also.

Other repair services

Besides display replacements and power circuit repairs we offer also other repairs. We offer almost all repairs, including repairs to the mainboard of the device. We also solve software problems, including fixing damaged map files. Please contact us first in such a case.

Other brands

Besides of TomTom repair services, we also offer all repairs for products from Navigon, Garmin and Mio. Please note we fix only car navigation models, so we don't offer any services for bike, boat and walk navigtion products. We advise to contact us first to see what we can do for you, because in some cases the repair costs are not reasonable.

Repair services for outside the Netherlands

Are you from outside the Netherlands? That is no problem at all, we offer our repair services for customers from any country. Because of the low shipping rates we are even less expensive compared to repair in your own country in some cases. For example we return your device for only EUR 6.00 to Belgium, and EUR 9.50 to Germany and France.