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Apple iPhone 6S repair services

- Listed prices are all-in price for repair service and only valid if 1 part needs to be replaced
- Additional costs for optional services are listed below price list.
Repair service not listed or do you need multiple repairs?
Display/screen replacement (full replacement, LCD and touchscreen)
€ 99.00 81.82 excl VAT
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The screen mainly consists of the LCD which displays the colors and pictures, and a touchscreen/digitizer (also known as 'glass') which makes the display touch sensitive. This repair is a full display replacement and therefore replaces both the LCD and touchscreen/digitzer part. This repair is needed if for example the display is broken, colors are not correct, screen is smudged, touchscreen doesn't work correctly or in case of any other damage to the display.

Common complaints for example:
  • No picture at screen / black screen
  • Screen has smudges
  • Broken screen
  • Broken glass
  • Touchscreen doesn't function properly
  • Screen shows several lines
  • Screen colors not correct
Battery replacement
€ 59.00 48.76 excl VAT
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A bad battery can result in various problems as this is one of the main components supplying current to other hardware. If the device is dropping out without a full drained battery or there are any other battery related issues, the battery needs to be replaced in most cases. Please note in some other cases the battery is not causing the problem so a replacement of the battery doesn't fix the problem. Our technicians will do an investigation to check what is causing the problems exactly, because of this these repairs will take some time in some cases.

Common complaints for example:
  • Spontaneous resets
  • Battery runs down quickly, also after charging to 100%.
  • Device won't charge
  • Device doesn't power on
  • Device doesn't boot or start up
Replacement of USB/dock connector (Lightning connector) + microphone + headphones socket
€ 49.00 40.50 excl VAT
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Replacement of USB/dock/charge connector (Lightning connector). In case there are any issues with connecting USB/charge cables to the device this part needs to be replaced. Common problems are not charging, no connection to a computer, cables not detected or other functionality of the connector not working (i.e. audio). This part also replaces the microphone for making voice calls (not the microphone for hands free calling), and the socket for connecting headphones/headset.

Common complaints for example:
  • Device won't charge
  • USB/dock connection doesn't function properly
  • Microphone doesn't work
  • USB doesn't function properly
  • Headphones/headset doesn't function properly
  • Damaged connector
  • Loose connector/plug
Proximity sensor + microphone + front camera
€ 46.00 38.02 excl VAT
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Replacement of the front camera and microphone at the top front of the iPhone. This also replaces the display sensors (proximity sensors), these are used to turn off the screen during voice calls when the phone is hold against the ear.

Common complaints for example:
  • Camera doesn't function properly
  • Microphone doesn't work
  • Camera doesn't work or doesn't start
  • Screen doesn't turn off during calls
Internal switches replacement (power and volume buttons) + microphone + flash light
€ 59.00 48.76 excl VAT
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This part replaces the internal switches of the following buttons, in case they doesn't work properly anymore:
- Volume up
- Volume down
- Sounds on/off (mute switch)
- Power/standby/sleep (on/off switch)
The flash light and microphone for audio recording in videos will also be replaced.

Common complaints for example:
  • Volume button not working properly
Speaker replacement (ringtones, music, handsfree speaker)
€ 34.00 28.10 excl VAT
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Replacement of the speaker for ringtones, alarms, music and other external sounds. If the sound is distorted this speaker needs to be replaced. Please note that if the speaker is not working at all, the speaker is not causing the problems in most cases.

Common complaints for example:
  • No sound from speaker
  • Bad or no sound from speaker
Speaker replacement (speaker for phone calls)
€ 39.00 32.23 excl VAT
More info Start repair

When you can't hear the other person when making phone calls or the sound is distorted, this speaker replacement will solve the problem in most cases. Please note another speaker is used for hands free voice calls.

Common complaints for example:
  • No sound from speaker
  • Bad or no sound from speaker
Camera replacement
€ 55.00 45.45 excl VAT
More info Start repair

Replacement of the main camera. In case the camera doesn't work anymore, only shows black screen, the camera application doesn't start or the auto focus doesn't work anymore this repair will solve the problem immediately in most cases.

Common complaints for example:
  • Camera doesn't function properly
  • Camera doesn't work or doesn't start
  • Autofocus doesn't work
Vibrator/vibra motor replacement
€ 38.00 31.41 excl VAT
More info Start repair

Replacement of the vibra motor for vibration alerts of the phone. In case vibration is decreased or not working anymore.

Common complaints for example:
  • Vibrator (vibrate function) doesn't work properly
Full cover replacement
More info Start repair

Replacement of the the full cover of the iPhone, including the camera lens.

SIM socket replacement
€ 59.00 48.76 excl VAT
More info Start repair

In case the SIM is not recognized by the phone, or not working correctly the SIM socket needs to be replaced probably. This is the part in which the SIM is inserted.

Common complaints for example:
  • SIM not detected

General prices

We have no hidden charges. Besides the repair costs itself you only pay costs as below (if applicable).

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Investigation including price quote Free
Shipping/delivery Free
Shipping/delivery (for cancelled repairs) 8.95
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How much is the total price for repair?

Many people ask us how much the total price will be for a repair. That is easy to answer, as the listed prices for the repair services are a total price for repair. Do you need several repair services for your Apple iPhone 6S? Always ask for a quote! We of course need to investigate and test the device only once. For this reason discounts can be really high sometimes when repairing everything at once.

Please note: for delivery outside the Netherlands shipping costs will be applied. If you choose for a pickup service of your device also these costs will be added to the final price. However because our pickup services are starting at EUR 0,- in Amsterdam, you will only pay for the repair itself in some cases! For a full list of additional costs for your country, please check the table above the pricelist.

Tip: need an expensive repair? Please carefully check if you have any insurance, many people don't know they have!

I would like a repair service, how to proceed?

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