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At this page you can easily register your repair in a few simple steps: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Within 10 minutes your repair is registered and you can optionally schedule a pickup directly.

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1. Repair details

Product Samsung SM-T335 (Galaxy Tab4 4G 8.0)


- Speaker replacement

Product color

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When we receive your item we will start a repair directly if you did select the correct repair(s). In case we need to do some other repairs then selected by you, we will sent a quote firstly. After confirmation of this quote we will start a repair. How would you like to receive this quote in such a case?

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Step 1

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3. Service option

After registration at this page, you can directly sent the product to us or request a pickup.

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* Listed repair costs are based on your selection of repair service(s). Final costs might be different if you did incorrect selection for example.

You can register your repair for free at this page. You also don't have to pay anything at the moment.