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At this page you can easily register your repair in a few simple steps: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Within 10 minutes your repair is registered and you can optionally schedule a pickup directly.

Registering your repair is free of charge, to start your repair you don't have to pay anything at the moment!

1. Repair details



Please give us a description of complaints and/or defects you have with the product. You don't have to tell us exactly which parts needs to be replaced, as our technicians will determine this based on your problem description and investigation.

Product color

Not required but recommended because we use this information to reserve parts.

When we receive your product for repair, we will do a full investigation and sent you a quote. After confirmation of this quote we will start the repair process. How would you like to receive this quote?

2. Your details

Your email address

After registering your repair at this page we will sent an email confirmation and information to check the status of your repair online.


Step 1


Step 1

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3. Service option

After registration at this page, you can directly sent the product to us or request a pickup.

Repair service*:-
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* Repair costs will be determined when we receive your item, we will sent a quote then.

You can register your repair for free at this page. You also don't have to pay anything at the moment.

Live support (online)

Do you need any help or do you have a quick question? You can start a conversation with our support desk now directly. We are pleased to help you!


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