Privacy policy

‘Spark Electronics’ as mentioned in this privacy policy concerns Spark Electronics in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.



Spark Electronics (‘we’) shares your concerns about privacy and hopes this privacy policy will help you understand our privacy policies and the rights you have to use or access any website of Spark Electronics, including pages and iframes elsewhere which are hosted at (‘website’). When the visitor (‘you’) of the website is asked for any information, you automatically agree with this privacy policy if you give us the requested information. This privacy policy is also automatically applied to apps from Spark Electronics, or developed by Spark Electronics.

Spark Electronics may update this privacy policy at any time, and without notification to you, and you should review this Privacy Policy from time to time by accessing the website. Your continued use of the website shall be deemed irrevocable acceptance of any such revisions.

We don’t use any of your information for sending spam or other advertising. We also don’t sent any newsletters by email, unless you are subscribed for the newsletters. Saved information at our website can be changed or removed from our databases any time. We emphasize that all information is only used for the services of Spark Electronics, and this information is not sent to others.

All parts of our website are secured by a SSL connection to be sure your information is sent safely over the internet, between your browser and our servers.


Account registration

In case you register for an account at our website, we ask for your address and email address. You can optionally add more addresses to your account afterwards. All this information is saved to the databases at our servers. You have only access to this information in your account with your login credentials (username and password). If this login information is lost or sent to others you are responsible for any possible abuse of the information in your account. We advise you to reset your password directly or contact us so we can take action, in case you lost your login credentials.


Facebook login

If you use Facebook login to access your account at our website, your Facebook name and email address as in your Facebook account will be stored in our database. This is needed for identification purposes to connect your Facebook account to the user account of Spark Electronics. If you remove the Facebook login from the user account, this information is removed from our databases.

We ask for your permission to access your ‘likes’ on Facebook, in order to check if you 'like' our page to get the Facebook offers and promotions. If you don’t give us this permission you can’t take advantage of the Facebook offers and promotions of Spark Electronics.

We sent important status notifications to your Facebook account (inbox) if you enabled this functionality in your account at the website of Spark Electronics. We don’t sent any other messages to your Facebook account besides of the important status changes for repairs and orders. You can always enable or disable this functionality into your account at our website, and also remove the facebook login from our website after login.

We emphasize we don't publish any information to Facebook in case you use the Facebook login and described functionalities.



For our website we use Google Analytics for getting statistics, to analyze and improve our website for better user experience. Please check the website of Google for privacy information regarding their services:


Questions about your privacy

Spark Electronics shares your concerns about privacy. If you have any questions about your privacy at Spark Electronics please contact us: