Premium delivery service

For a quick return you can choose for Premium delivery service. Available 5 days a week at almost any address in the Netherlands.

  • Order ready before 12:30 PM? Delivered the same day!
  • Order payed in the evening? Still delivered the next day
  • Realtime tracktrace including expected delivery time

Premium delivery service information

With Premium delivery service you can get your item quickly delivered after it is repaired and ready for dispatch. We can deliver your order even the same day if it is ready before 12:30 PM.

24h service

If you sent your item by PostNL (for example by using our online shipping service), we receive your item before 9:00 AM. For this reason in most cases your item is ready before 12:30 PM and we can deliver it to you the same day! This way your item can be in your hands 24 hours after you shipped the item!

Is Premium delivery available at any address?

Premium delivery service is available at all addresses in the Netherlands, except West Frisian Islands (Waddeneilanden).

What is the price for Premium delivery?

This delivery service is for free. However if you cancel your repair we will charge 8.95 for delivery.

How can I use Premium delivery service?

When you register your repair you can choose a delivery option by yourself. Here you have the option to choose for Premium delivery. If you already made a choice but didn't choose for Premium delivery service, you can contact us to set your order to Premium delivery.

Is Premium delivery always the fastest option?

In most cases this delivery service is the fastest option to get your item returned. However in some cases other options could be almost as fast as this delivery service, because Premium delivery service is only available on Monday - Friday and delivery is always after 17:00. You can contact us to ask for the best option in your particular case.