Pickup from every home or business address with our ExpressPickup pickup service on Monday - Friday.

  • Schedule pickup for today within 5 minutes
  • In the Netherlands only 4.99!
  • Returned for free after repair (within the Netherlands)
  • Pickup available at every home or work address
  • Choose your own time frame
  • More than 90% repaired the same day


Pickup & Return


By using our Pickup & Return service on Saturday we offer you a unique service: pickup and delivery on the same day.

  • In Amsterdam for free
  • Choose time frame between 8:00 and 22:00
  • Pickup service with our own drivers
  • Tracktrace accurate up to 5 minutes
  • Optionally pay on delivery
  • More than 95% delivered after few hours


Our unique pickup services

Since 2007 we offer unique pickup services. Ideal in case you don't have time to ship it by yourself at the post office for example. By using a pickup service your device will be picked up at your home or at work, and will be delivered to us quickly for further processing. We offer two different pickup services, click on 'more information' to get more information about the available service.

I would like a pickup, how to proceed?

After you registered your repair, you can directly schedule a pickup. For Pickup & Return our advise is to request a pickup as soon as possible as for some regions our schedule is fully booked quickly sometimes. For ExpressPickup a pickup is always possible. If you schedule ExpressPickup not too late (before 15:00 - 17:00 depending on city), a pickup will be possible even the same day!

How will my device be delivered after repair?

You can choose a delivery option by yourself during scheduling of the pickup service. Within the Netherlands many delivery options like morning delivery, evening delivery, or pickup from a local service point are available. For Pickup & Return your device will be delivered by us the same day of course (if possible).