Online shipping service

Sent your package insured for only 5.99 at a local PostNL service point in the Netherlands.

  • We receive your package before 9:00 AM
  • We receive your package also on Saturday
  • You can also drop off your package in the evening or on Sunday
  • Parts for repair are reserved automatically after you dropped off your package at PostNL
Actie: deze online verzendservice is tijdelijk gratis bij reparatiekosten van 50 euro of meer. U betaalt dan dus alleen de reparatiekosten! Bij reparatiekosten van minder dan 50 euro incl BTW zijn de kosten tijdelijk 4.99 incl BTW.

Online shipping service information

Our online shipping service is an affordable, easy solution to sent your item for repair with a lot of benefits. Just print the shipping label, put it on the package and drop off your package at a local PostNL service point. We receive the package the next day before 9:00 AM, even on Saturday!

Because we receive your package before 9:00 AM, it can be delivered to you the same day in most cases if you choose for return by Premium delivery. By using our service this way you can get your item returned in just 24 hours!


What is the price for the online shipping service?

You can sent your package for only EUR 5.99 as an insured shipment. You can just drop off your package at PostNL and don't have to pay anything at the post office anymore. The online shipping service will be charged on the repair invoice, so you even don't need to prepay the shipping costs.

How can I use the online shipping service?

After registration of your repair you can select this service option directly. You can print the shipping label directly and sent your item immediately at a PostNL service point. Tip: we always sent an email confirmation with the shipping label enclosed, in case you would like to print later or from another device.

Where can I drop off my package?

You can drop off your package at any PostNL location in the Netherlands including Business Points, supermarkets, construction markets, office-/bookstores and other shops with PostNL desk. You can find a local PostNL point with PostNL location finder. Tip: bring your package as soon as possible to PostNL, parts for repair will be reserved at the moment you dropped of the package.