How does it work? Repair services in 4 simple steps


How expensive is a repair?

Firstly you probably would like to know how much you need to pay for your repair. Many repair services are listed online, you can always take a look at it for the most up-to-date prices. Couldn't find what you are a looking for? Just request a quote!

It is not required to request a quote firstly, you can always register your repair directly if you don't need a quote beforehand (you will always get a free quote after investigation).

For many issues like a broken screen it is clear what needs to be replaced. However in some cases this is not clear at all or the exact cause is different from what you will expect. For example, no sound doesn't always mean a defective speaker; fast discharge of your battery does not always mean a defective battery. Our advice: if there is no visible damage don't request a quote beforehand but await the quote you get after quick investigation.

- Advice from our technicians -


1. Register your repair

Would you like a repair of your item or just investigation for a free quote? You can simply register your repair online in just 5 minutes. You can request a pickup optionally, or send the item to us directly.

  • You can also register your repair by calling us, however online registration is advised


2. Select service option

After registration of your repair you can select a service option directly or at a later time. We offer 3 quick and easy options.

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Daily pickup service

Pickup at your home or at work for only 4.99 anywhere in the Netherlands! After repair we return it even for free. This pickup service is available in many EU countries on Monday - Friday at almost all addresses. Best option if you don't have time to send the item at the post office.

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Send it by yourself

Send your item at the post office and we receive your package the next day before 9:00 AM! Most items can be repaired directly and are ready to be returned or even delivered the same day. Customers within the Netherlands can choose for the online shipping service.

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Saturday pickup service

Pickup from your home or at work and returned in just a few hours with our unique Pickup & Return service on Saturday. And with our accurate tracktrace you just need to be at home for only a few minutes.

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3. Free investigation + quote

When we receive your item we will investigate it directly. In most cases you will get a free and non-binding quote from us within a few hours. You can then decide whether to accept the quote or cancel the repair. Quote not accepted? We only charge a shipping fee for return.

  • Always free investigation, always free non-binding quote
  • Parts in stock? Accept the quote as soon as possible for a repair and return that same day

Tip: during registration of your repair always give a clear description of the issues/complaints. This can help our technician to trace the issues as soon as possible and set up the quote quickly. Try to prevent descriptions like 'phone dead' or 'I don't know'. It is not required to let us know what needs to be replaced, a description of complaints/damage is enough.

4. Repair and return

After accepting the quote we will repair your item as soon as possible. After a final device test the item is ready to be shipped and will be returned when the invoice is paid (for businesses other payment conditions may apply).

  • Paid before 12:30? Same day delivery in the Netherlands by using Premium delivery option!
  • Within the Netherlands many delivery options including PostNL pickup points
  • Repaired items always returned for free within the Netherlands
  • All shipments are insured and can be tracked online