How do I have to ship my product for repair?

You can register your repair at our website by using the repair form. You will automatically receive an email with more information about how you can send your product to us for repair. Never send any products to us without registering the repair at our website. You can decide by yourself in which way you send the product to us and which transporter you choose.

Do I have to send the product by registered mail?

It's up to you in which way you send the product to us. To be sure we will receive the product for repair we recommend to send your product as registered mail/package. Spark Electronics is not responsible for products which never arrived at our address, in that case you have to contact your transporter.

Which shipping method will be used to return my product?

All packages to the countries within the European Union will be shipped as registered package with insurance. Contact us for more information about shipping to countries outside the European Union. To receive an registered package you must be at home to sign for delivery of the goods.

How much are the shipping costs to return my product?

Within the Netherlands products will be returned free of charge (cancelled repairs excluded). For a full overview of shipping costs you can check this page.

We can return multiple repaired products at once, we will charge shipping only once if delivery address of all items is the same.

Is it possible to deliver my product for repair?

We are a mail-order company and offer our repair services exclusively online. You have to send in your product for repair and it is not possible to bring your product. In this way we can organize our logistics in a better way and save many costs which leads to low prices and better services. We ask for your understanding.


How do I pay with iDEAL?

You can pay with iDEAL if you have a Dutch bank account by one of the supported banks. Currently the supported banks are ING, ABN Amro Bank, Rabobank, Regio Bank, Friesland Bank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank, ASN Bank, Knab and Van Lanschot Bankiers. You pay the same way as with online banking, you only need an account for using online banking with your bank.

What is iDEAL?

iDEAL allows you to make online purchases in a familiar, secure and simple way. If you already have online banking, you start using iDEAL right away, without any formalities. You only need a Dutch bank account at one of the supported banks.

What does it cost to pay with iDEAL?

We charge no extra costs when you pay with iDEAL.

I payed through iDEAL, how can I check the status of my payment?

After finishing your iDEAL transaction, you will automatically return to our website. At this stage, the status of your payment will be displayed. In case your payment is successful the status of your order will be set to 'payed' directly. You can check this by opening your order after you log on to our website.

How can I change my payment method?

After you login you will find your order in the section 'my account'. By viewing your order you will find a link to pay the order or to change the payment method. When you click this link you can set your payment method, eventually pay directly online.

How fast will my payment be processed?

Payments through online payment systems like iDEAL and PayPal will be processed directly after completing the transaction. Bank transfers will be processed the same day we received the money. You can always check the current status of your payment and order by opening the order after you login.

Can you return my package as COD (cash on delivery)?

We don't return packages as COD.

When do I receive the invoice and payment details?

Normally, you will receive your payment details within a few minutes after you confirmed the repair costs. In some cases you will receive the payment details a few hours later due to different reasons.

If you pay on credit the invoice will be sent after some days or weeks probably.

Do I get an invoice?

You always get an invoice which will be enclosed with the package. You can also download the invoice from our website after you login and open the order. There you will find a link to view or download the order as a PDF file.

If you pay on credit the invoice is not attached to the package in most cases, and is also later available at our website.

Where can I view the invoice?

You can view the invoice after you logged on to our website and open the order subsequently. At this page there is a link to view the invoice as a PDF file. The invoice is available from the moment your order is processed.

How do I pay with PayPal?

In case you have a PayPal account you can pay with PayPal for a quick completion of your order. On checkout, you choose PayPal as payment method and you will be returned to our website automatically after completing your PayPal transaction. If your transaction is successful the order status will be set to payed directly.

How fast will my PayPal transaction be processed?

Normally, PayPal transactions will be processed in up to 30 minutes after finishing the transaction. If you pay with a PayPal e-check it can take up to a few days to process the payment! For that reason, it is not recommended to use PayPal e-checks but we will accept them.

What does it cost to pay with PayPal?

We charge 3.4% of the total amount of your order when you pay with PayPal. You will pay this amount directly to PayPal, therefore the total amount in PayPal will be 3.4% higher.


How can I quick contact Spark Electronics?

Our email department gives you support from Monday to Saturday (9:00-19:00 CET). Send your message directly to the right department so we can quickly reply your message. More information to contact us can be found at the contact page.

I send an email but didn't receive a reply after 24 hours

It could be your message didn't reach us due to a blocking spam filter or other reason. It is also possible that we replied already and the email is in your spam/junk mail folder.

No email received from us? Try again sending your message or contact us another way.

Repair services

How do I check the current status of my repair?

You check the current status after you login to our website.

How do I register my repair?

U kunt uw reparatie aanmelden via onze website, alles volgt dan vanzelf. Na het doorlopen van deze stappen volgt een bevestiging per email en kan het product direct worden opgestuurd.

You can register your repair at our website, and follow here all steps. A confirmation email be sent afterwards and the product could be sent to us immediately for repair.

Why do I need to register for an account?

Spark Electronics has the process of repair and fulfilling your order automated completely to reduce costs and giving everybody the best service. For this reason, you have to register for an account once so you can directly register your repair, pay online and much more.

Companies and resellers

Can I pay on credit?

In some cases you can pay on credit, this will decided case by case. If you are interested in a credit please contact us by email: sales@sparkelectronics.nl


Is your questions not listed here? Please contact us so we can help you.