Business solutions

Construction companies, telecom retailers, companies in the medical and transport sector and many other companies: more and more companies have chosen for the repair services of Spark Electronics in recent years. For both small businesses and large companies, we offer high quality repair services and a high service level with a very competitive price.

Is your company using smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices? Or maybe you are responsible for handling the repairs of your customers? Since 2005 Spark Electronics offers a wide range of repair services for mobile devices and is a major player in the business market in particular. We understand that you as a company are looking for more than just service and quality. We therefore think along with you about making your repair process as efficient as possible and offer different solutions for this. With our unique IT solutions, you can optimize your process considerably and save on your costs, in addition to our competitive repair rates.

Business account benefits

Does your company offer repairs to us regularly? You can then request for a business account with access to our Business Panel. Through the Business Panel, you can manage almost everything yourself with also access to our business IT solutions. Within the Business Panel you can also find all repairs and invoices of course, everything organized with ease of use.

Companies that will only occasionally offer repairs can follow the default procedure, and optionally upgrade to a Business account afterwards. That way you can make use of our services from now directly.


Spark Electronics does not only offer a wide range of repair services, we have also several possibilities to adjust our services to exactly meet your needs. Several companies have chosen for SPARK for just that reason, and save on external costs daily due to process optimization and cost reduction realized by our services. But there are many more reasons to choose for SPARK:

  • Personal: Your personal account manager will discuss your needs and possibly look for new cost-saving solutions
  • Cooperative: we create new possibilities for your company with our customized solutions: efficient and cost-reducing
  • Save on your repair costs: thanks to our fully automated repair process, save up to 30% on repair costs
  • Increase the service level to your customers: we offer solutions for handling repairs from start to end without involving yourself
  • Easy: settings and all information simple and clearly organized in the Business Panel
  • Efficient: short turnaround time for repairs despite extensive testing of at least 1 hour after repair
  • Payment: favorable payment conditions for business customers
  • Also take a look at our page 'Why choose Spark Electronics?'

Request a Business account

Are you interested in our services? Every customer has its own needs and for this reason our account managers would like to contact you to discuss your personal requirements. We can then provide the necessary information and with our years of experience in the industry, we may bring in new ideas for a more efficient and cost-reducing repair process in your company.


Request for sales contact / access to the Business Panel

You can fill in the form below to request a business account with access to the Business Panel. Our account managers will contact you shortly, in general the same day.


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